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Refuge Missionary Baptist Church: A Christ-Centered Community in Hudson, NC

At the heart of Refuge Missionary Baptist Church is our commitment to Christ-centered worship and ministry. Located in Hudson, NC, our church stands as a beacon of faith, dedicated to spreading the gospel and living out Christ's teachings. Established with the mission to guide all to a deeper understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ, our church serves as a spiritual home for believers seeking to grow in faith and live out the gospel in their daily lives.

Our approach to ministry is rooted in Christ-centered expository preaching, where scripture guides every sermon, teaching, and study. We believe in the power of God's Word to transform lives, and our services reflect our dedication to preaching the gospel in its truth and entirety.
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100% Commitment to Spiritual Growth and Community Impact
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Meet Pastor Darren Peterson

Led by our devoted pastor, Refuge Missionary Baptist Church is committed to providing guidance and support rooted in the teachings of Christ. Our pastor is passionate about expository preaching and living out the gospel, serving as a pillar of faith for our congregation.

Does Your Faith Journey Need a Little Fire?

At Refuge Missionary Baptist Church, we understand that every faith journey has its ebbs and flows. If you're feeling like your spiritual life could use a spark, we're here to fan those flames. Dive into a community where your faith can ignite and grow stronger, fueled by Christ-centered teaching and fellowship. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help rekindle your passion for the Lord through our worship services, Bible studies, and outreach programs.

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