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Feel the embrace of faith and the power of togetherness at Refuge Missionary Baptist Church, just a short drive from Lenoir. Discover guidance, solidarity, and the love of God with us. Contact us now to uncover more about our worship experiences and community initiatives.

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Join Us for a Soul-Stirring Morning with The Gospel Plowboys!

Date: Sunday, June 23rd
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Refuge Missionary Baptist Church

We are excited to welcome The Gospel Plowboys to Refuge Missionary Baptist Church for a special morning of gospel music and fellowship. This talented group brings a heartfelt, bluegrass-inspired sound that is sure to uplift and inspire.

Everyone is welcome to join us for this joyful occasion. Bring your family, friends, and neighbors to experience the harmony and message of The Gospel Plowboys.
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Your Gateway to Spiritual Growth Near Lenoir
Experience Authenticity and Faith at Refuge Missionary Baptist Church!

Just a brief 10-minute drive from Lenoir, NC, Refuge Missionary Baptist Church stands as a guiding light for those seeking a place of worship, community, and spiritual development. Welcoming individuals and families from every background, we invite you to join us on an enriching journey of faith. Our church is more than a mere place of worship; it is a dynamic community dedicated to uplifting each other and spreading the love of God as taught in the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ.

At Refuge Missionary Baptist Church, we prioritize creating a nurturing environment that enriches your spiritual life and equips you with the faith in Christ needed to share the Good News with the world. If you're searching for a deeper connection with God, guidance in your spiritual walk, or a place to call your spiritual family, look no further. Situated conveniently close to Lenoir, we offer heartfelt worship services and engaging community outreach efforts, all grounded in the teachings of the KJV Bible and committed to the spiritual well-being of each individual.
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Your Journey of Faith, Just a Short Drive Away

Is Your Spiritual Life Seeking Room to Grow?

Just a stone's throw away from Lenoir, about a 10-minute journey, lies a community where faith flourishes and fellowship is a way of life. At Refuge Missionary Baptist Church, we're dedicated to nurturing the spiritual well-being of every individual who walks through our doors or reaches out to connect. Whether you're in search of guidance, longing for a sense of belonging, or eager to serve, know that our church stands as a beacon of hope and love, perfectly within reach for our friends from Lenoir.

Don't let distance hold you back from embarking on a transformative journey of faith. A short drive can lead you to a place where your spiritual life is not only nurtured but also thriving. Give us a call or click below to start your journey. Let's make the trip together — because a church alive is indeed worth the drive.
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About Our Church:  A Foundation of Faith near Lenoir

Discover Your Spiritual Blueprint at Refuge Missionary Baptist Church

In Lenoir, a city renowned for crafting the finest furniture, the importance of a strong foundation is something we all understand. At Refuge Missionary Baptist Church, we take a similar approach to faith, offering a spiritual blueprint rooted in the timeless teachings of the KJV Bible. Our mission is to provide a steadfast foundation in faith to navigate the complexities of life.

Facing challenges? You're not alone. Our church family is a network of support, guidance, and compassion, ready to stand by you. Whether you're navigating through seasons of doubt, seeking a deeper connection with God, or in search of restoration in your spiritual journey, our doors are open. With a commitment to the Gospel, discipleship, and a loving outreach, we're more than a place of worship — we're a sanctuary for all seeking God's presence and peace in Lenoir.

Join us, and let's build a strong, spiritually enriched life together, grounded in the wisdom of God's Word, much like the skilled artisans of your city who are dedicated to their craft. Here, find your place in a community that cares, supports, and uplifts.
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375 Mount Herman Road
Hudson, NC 28638

Phone: (828) 726-1385

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